Thursday, February 1, 2018

Words Everywhere!

It is so fun to watch the world open up for students as they begin to realize they know how to read and that means they can write too!  Up until this point we've talked a lot about how good readers look and sound and that reading the pictures or telling your pictures is the way to begin with both reading and writing.  But, all of a sudden your children are realizing they can read (AND WRITE) real words and the pure joy and pride in themselves is unmistakable.

 "Camouflage" - An important word as a part of this students' personal narrative about hunting.
"Ship" - A label for the drawings these students are making so their work will be sure to be recognized.

The Brain the Palm of Your Hand

We are doing a lot of work at Cascade View to help students understand themselves, their emotions, and how they relate to others through these important concepts.  Learning happens alongside real people with real emotions. Thus, social-emotional learning is as important in education as any academics we teach here. The attached video is a snapshot of a tool we use to talk about the brain and it's basic anatomy and corresponding functions, presented by Dr. Daniel Segal.  We hope you find it helpful as well!

Dr. Daniel Segal, Brain in the Palm of Your Hand

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meeting Kelso

Miss Lilly, our fabulous school counselor, introduced the kindergarten classes to Kelso this week!  We were so excited to meet Kelso and learn what he's going to teach us over the next few weeks.  

Kelso teaches us about the choices we make and how to solve problems.  Today we learned about the difference between little problems and BIG PROBLEMS.  A big problem is something that happens where someone could get hurt, makes us scared, or isn't safe. A big problem is something that ALWAYS needs to be reported to an adult.  A small problem is something that kids may be able to handle themselves.  Miss Lilly walked us through examples.  Just so you know, Miss Lilly also talked to the kids about telling an adult if someone other than a doctor or parent touches any part of the body that is covered by a swim suit.  She explained that this is a BIG problem and always needs to be reported right away.  

We look forward to having Kelso and Miss Lilly visit us each week to help us make good choices.

Monday, December 11, 2017


We've been reading SO many gingerbread books over the past few weeks.  The kids are loving the huge variety of books, adaptations, and different endings.  We were able to compare and contrast the Gingerbread Girl and the Gingerbread Man.  They both have very different endings.

To keep the fun going, we will be baking mini gingerbread cookies in class. I made the dough at home and we'll roll, cut, and bake the cookies in class.

I do a lot of baking at home and this is one of my favorite recipes.  If you'd like the recipe for your own holiday baking, here is the link

Happy baking!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Yoga for Kids

One thing we really work on, at Cascade View, is Mindfulness.  We are learning how the brain works, gaining insights into our own minds and behaviors, and learning to slow down and be aware of our thoughts and actions.  Doesn't that sound amazing?

We use the Mind Up curriculum to frame this work, but the work goes far beyond the 15 main lessons which are the framework of Mind Up.

One of the things our kindergartners LOVE to do is Yoga.  I love doing yoga too, but I'm not a yoga instructor and I would only be able to lead them in a few quick stretches.  Fortunately, we've discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga!

The yoga instructor takes the current popular stories or themes and turns them into active yoga adventures. She is truly amazing and the adventures really captivate the kids.  The videos can be found on You Tube.  One thing I especially loved about today's adventure was when she said, "See something in your mind before you take action."  This is something we've been working on in class.  We try to focus on this each day.  Even as we are about to line up in the classroom, we ask kids to close their eyes and visualize (they should know this word by now) how they are going to move to the next place.

Being mindful isn't just about a few lessons here and there, we really try to incorporate mindful practices throughout the day.  We'll be sharing more throughout the year on the blog.

Happy yoga-ing! Or should I say, namaste?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Harvest Party

We had such a great time at our harvest party!  We opened up both of the kindergarten classrooms and had many stations set up for kids to choose from.  The kids have gotten used to being able to go back and forth between classroom because they are allowed to do this during Center Time on Fridays.  We love giving them the opportunity to self-select the places they would like to work and also be able to interact with kids from both classes.

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to send supplies or help out during our party!  We really appreciate your support.  At Cascade View, we realize that we are not only in the business of educating children, but we are also charged with the task of making memories!  We weren't able to get pictures of all of the stations, but here are a few.

All of the kids loved the cookie decorating station!  We don't have many food-treats in the classroom, so this was extra special.

We made pumpkin bookmarks with our thumbprints.

Straws are the perfect thing to use for necklaces.  Some students stuck with a pattern, while others simply focused on the small motor task of threading straw pieces onto the yarn.

Beaded bracelets on pipe cleaners have quickly become a favorite fine motor station!

Again, sometimes patterns are used and other times threading beads is the bigger challenge.  Side note... If you work with pipe cleaners at home, nail clippers are perfect for cutting these.

The kids did some sponge painting onto construction paper.  We'll cut these out and they will brighten up the room with their rich fall colors.

Thanks again for helping out!  We had a fantastic day!  I think we all can agree that Halloween should be moved, permanently, to a weekend.  The kids were pretty tired on November 1st, but we were glad they had so much fun on the 31st!  

Happy Harvest!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fire Safety Month

The firefighters came for a visit today, and what a gift that was to a group of kindergartners!  

They give the kids a tour of the fire truck and show them all of the important tools.

They make sure to show the kids that the firefighters and just regular guys inside of their suits.  They want the kids to know that in an emergency, the firefighters are not someone to be afraid of, even if their suits look scary.

It is always an awesome presentation and we feel so lucky to have the firefighters come every year.  We always learn so much!

Ok, friends, now go change those smoke detector batteries.