Curriculum Night


We use a balanced reading model which includes Shared reading (whole class books), Guided Reading (small group work), Independent Reading (just right books to read in class), take home books (homework), phonics (letters and the sounds they make), and phonemic awareness (such as rhymes).

Writer’s Workshop is a time in our day where we create!  We write and illustrate books because WE are authors.  We are using teaching guides created by David Matteson.  You will here this called P-3 work in our building because it a writing program being used in grades pre-k through third grade in our district.

We have just adopted the Bridges Math curriculum, which is a hands-on math curriculum.

We will be using the F.O.S.S science kits with Trees as our topic, but we incorporate science into our classrooms as often as possible, using an inquiry approach to learning.

Social Studies
Home life, families, community, and All About Me are a few of our topics for the year.  Our school wide focus will be on Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Each Other, and Taking Care of Our Community. We will be working heavily with these in our classroom every single day and these will also be the focus of our class meetings.

Our first parent/teacher conference is in October. Sign ups begin at our Family Meetings in September.

We will eat lunch every day at 11:15.  Students may bring lunch from home or buy lunch at school.  Pre-paying for lunch online is a great option.

Please send snack EVERY day.  Healthy-ish snacks only, please.  We do not allow chips and cookies during snack time.  Crackers, graham crackers, fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, etc are fine.  I also ask that you only send water to school with your child for snack.  Juice and milk are fine to send for lunch in the gym.  Spills are easier to clean in the gym.  Thanks for your help!  We will have a second (optional) snack time in the afternoon if kids are feeling hungry or didn't finish their lunch.

I will try to update our classroom blog frequently to give parents a view of our classroom.

Thursday Folders
Check the red Thursday folder each Thursday and send it back to school the following day.  I will try to hold communication until Thursday.

I love volunteers!  If you are interested in helping out in the classroom, please send me an email and  we can talk about a good time for you to spend some time in the classroom!

Kids are always excited about their birthdays!  Sending birthday goodies is always fun for kids, but we have a tremendous amount of allergies this year!  We are asking that if you would like to send something with your child for a birthday celebration, that it be something like a small toy, pencil, prize bag, etc.  We will always sing and celebrate, so you really don't NEED to send something.  This is just an option if your child really wants to bring something for his/her friends.

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