Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What a Day!

Happy October!  It's Fire Safety Month!

What's better than a day in kindergarten, filled with painting, pumpkins, projects, and P.E.?  A day filled with all of that, PLUS a fire truck and real firefighters!

The firefighters showed us their truck and even tried of all of their equipment for us.

Firefighter Dave and Firefighter Greg came into our classroom and taught a lesson on fire safety.

We read Firefighters A to Z and learned lots of new information about a firefighter's job and tools.

I can't decide what the kids enjoyed most about the day, but I'm pretty sure the fire truck was high up on the list of happy things today!  By the way, the firefighters told the kids that any family without a smoke detector can stop by the fire station and pick one up.  What a great day!

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