Friday, February 13, 2015

Reading With The Meanies

This is the time of year, in kindergarten, when reading really starts to take off.  The kids are practicing their sight words, they are working in guided reading groups, and their parents are having them practice their reading books at home each night.  There are lots of factors that contribute to reading success, but there is one factor you might not know about.

These are The Meanies.

Several years ago, a friend who works for Wright Group came to visit my classroom.  She brought me some presents, in the form of several big books and 6-packs of individual student books.  They were a huge hit and every year I introduce them right around Valentine's Day.  I have a book called The Huggles, which we also contrast to our Meanie books. 

The kids LOVE these books!  They laugh hysterically at the adventures the Meanies have.  They love reading along with the repetitive sentences and the variety of punctuation makes an excellent lesson.  
As soon as I put these books in the kids' reading tubs, the real fun begins!  Kids are pointing to the words, attending to the story, retelling the book, and reading it to their friends.  It's amazing!  

I love Wright Group books and I really love the Meanies... those crazy guys.

Happy reading!

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