Monday, April 20, 2015

Documenting Learning On Instagram

Are you on Instagram? I've been on Instagram since (I'm guessing) the day it started.  I heard about Instagram when it was mainly photographers sharing photos and I loved the idea. Since it started, it has exploded and is now the social media of choice for most teens (as well as bloggers and teachers). I post pictures of home life, my kids, family vacations, and school life on my Instagram account. I would love it if you would come join me! My user name is homeiswheremystorybegins. If you "follow" me, I will be able to see who you are and can follow you back.

Now, here's the cool thing about Instagram: It's a GREAT way to share learning experiences with one another!!  If your child is playing at the beach and a pod of orcas swims right in front of you, snap a picture and share it on Instagram.  (Ok, that is a TRUE story that happened to one of our PM kindergarten students this weekend.)  If your child builds an awesome stream with the hose, in the backyard, take a photo and share it! The opportunities for learning and new experiences are ALL around us and in order to share our learning with each other, I've created a hashtag.  It's #makelearningvisible.  For those of you who aren't familiar with hashtags, if you put #makelearningvisible in the comment of your post, it categorized the photos for us.  So you will be able to see a ton of photos that other people have taken and used the same hashtag for.  All you have to do is click on the link (the actual hashtag).  Again, that means we are sharing all of the great learning experiences are kids are having.  If you take photos of a great sink/float activity at home, it might inspire another parent to try the same thing with their child... hence the name Make Learning Visible. 

I posted photos of my daughter's wire craft projects.

I shared a few photos from the zoo.  (We're still wondering if that duck really only has one leg or if he is just trying to be more like his flamingo friends.)

Sometimes, I just post pretty pictures of things that inspire me... like art supplies.  You can never have too many art supplies with kids around.

I post photos of classroom activities quite often, although I don't show kids' faces.

Come join me, friends! Help me on my mission to MAKE LEARNING VISIBLE for our kids!  It also helps me learn more about your family and connect on a deeper level with the kids!

Search for me on Instagram. homeiswheremystorybegins 

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