Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writer's Notebooks in Kindergarten

We've been making writer's notebooks in kindergarten this week.  To begin with, these notebooks are places to hold memories that we hope to write about.  Writer's notebooks are MUCH more than that, and kids will be learning more about their purpose as the year goes on.  I wrote about the purpose of these notebooks on my literacy blog, if you are interested in reading more.

The kids were thrilled with all of the tape, stickers, and permanent markers that we used to personalize our notebooks.

Once they were personalized, we spent time gather ideas for stories.  I modeled what this looked like in my own Writer's Notebook.  

We spent time indoors reminding ourselves that there is so much to write about that happens in our classroom.  Then we went outside and gathered ideas about things we love to do outdoors and on our playground.  

***We need your help!  If your child does something fun in the evening, over the weekend, or even over the upcoming Spring Break, please have them save something to add to their Writer's Notebook.  It could be a movie ticket stub, a photo, a pressed flower, or really anything that would serve as a reminder of a fun event or time in their life. You can send these to school any time and kids can tape or glue them into their writer's notebooks.***

As I mentioned before, a writer's notebook is not just about memories.  It's also a place to try things out.  Kids will be trying out different ideas for story titles, writing down fun sound words (we call this onomatopoeia) that they might want to use in a story, or collecting feelings they have.  It's a great way to help kids become more mindful and appreciative for things around them!

Happy writing!

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