Friday, September 16, 2016

Math Exploration

With week number 1 under our belts, the kids and I are feeling good about our accomplishments so far!  We spent the week exploring some of our different math materials and figuring out how some of the pieces fit together.  It's important for us to start slowly and make sure we understand the expectations with our materials.
There was a lot of creating and there was also counting.

Kids figured out how to build with materials they may not have used before.

There was sorting, counting, and even a bit of dramatic play.

We made lots of different creations and learned that Mrs. Ross prefers that we not build weapons with link cubes.

Our Bridges math lessons will begin on Monday, but we will continue to provide these math materials in our Math Work Places. After our whole class lesson, kids will go to self-selected Work Places to build and create.  As the year progresses, we will have specific tasks that kids will be doing at the Work Places.  

Happy learning!

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