Thursday, October 6, 2016

Name Tickets and Alphabet Cards

We are working our way through learning 26 letters in 20 days.  We've almost made it!!

A few times a week, kids come into the classroom and grab their name ticket and alphabet card to do a little practicing.

Right now, with our name tags, we are working on making sure we write the first letter capital and the rest lower case.  For some kids, this is easy-peasy.  For others, it's a challenge to remember to use lowercase letters.  Most of the letters we use in our daily writing will be lowercase, so we like to focus on these during our practice time.  After the kids practice writing their names, they can practice writing some of the letters from the alphabet card or practice our alphabet song in sign language.

Kids are REALLY getting the hang of our alphabet song and have started to internalize their sign language letters.  The other day, as we were writing, one of our girls asked me how to spell a word.  I was able to sign the first few letters to her, while simultaneously helping another student on his work.  Talk about multi-tasking!

Our next challenges in our morning practice will be learning to write the names of friends in our class and learning to sign our own names.  This would be something really fun to practice at home! When kids have learned to sign their own names, we'll have them show us in front of the class.

Happy writing and signing!

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