Monday, September 15, 2014

Connecting Experiences to Writing

One of my favorite things about teaching is providing "experiences" for young kids.  During our first full week of school, I set up a sunflower table.  We weren't planning a big sunflower unit, but simply exploring a bit.  The kids have absolutely loved pulling seeds out of the dried sunflower head, using the magnifying glass, and learning a bit about these beautiful plants.

During Writer's Workshop, as I'm sure you can tell, one of the boys drew a picture of a sunflower field, a sunflower growing, the sun shining, and the farmers coming out to take care of the field.  He even wrote some letters at the top, and when I asked him to read his work to me, he told me that it said sunflower.  

Just like that, a few flowers and a couple of books have inspired one of our young authors.  I always say that experiences are key to good writing, but it's important to remember that there are plenty of different ways to provide those experiences.  A trip to my garden and a few books off the shelf inspired this little guy's work!

Happy writing!

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