Monday, September 15, 2014

We All Begin In Different Places

Hands down, Kindergarten is my favorite grade to teach.  I love the fact that I'm the kids' first stepping stone on their elementary school journey.  I love working with parents to help them figure out their role in their child's education.  I love the varying levels of development the kids come into the classroom with, and watching the progress the kids make over time.  

On the first day of Writer's Workshop it's easy to see which kids LOVE to sit down with markers or crayons at the kitchen table and spend time coloring, and which kids would much rather ride a bike or play outside.  

This year will be a journey for kids in my classroom.  Some have experience with writing and drawing and others have experience with numbers, music, or physical activity.  The great thing about kindergarten is that there is no right or wrong way to come in.  Kids just get to come as they are and know that we all begin our journey at different places. 

Welcome to Kindergarten! 

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