Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Math Stations

In addition to our new Engage New York math curriculum, I've also been adding several hands-on math stations. The stations are based on current concepts we are working on.

Here is our Gingerbread 10 frame game.

We have a counting path game that also connects with numeral recognition. You may remember homework that asked kids to create a counting path with their finger as they count.

I've loaded some fun new kindergarten math games on the LeapPads.

The bingo markers are a big hit. Kids are using a ten frame and numeral cards to show how many.

We've been working hard to learn the proper way to write are numbers. Our dry erase books give us a little practice.

Clay number mats are a fun way to practice too.

Pete The Cat's Groovy Buttons is a hit with the kindergarten crowd! Kids draw a number and then show how many on the ten frame. You've just gotta' love Pete!

Math stations are a nice break from the Engage New York lessons and seem to compliment our work well!

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