Thursday, January 8, 2015

Exploring Shapes

We've been doing some work with shapes this week in Math. We will be working with 2-D and 3-D shapes, learning the names for different shapes, and also working on position words (below, beside,  next to, etc).  The beginning of this new unit brought us a fun new math tool to try out.  We started working with Geoboards!

Kids started by exploring with Geoboards and creating any type of shape they liked.  Then, we moved into more specifics, which were three sided shapes.  Kids made big triangle, little triangles, skinny triangles, and fat triangles.  

Next, we made triangles out of straws. Each child had three long straws to use to make their triangle.

Then, I asked them to trade one long straw in for a short straw and see if they could made a triangle.  Many kids placed their straw on their table and said they couldn't make a triangle that way because one side was too small.  

We pointed out that a few of our friends in the class had figured out a way to make a triangle, using the short straw and the two long straws, by squishing things together a bit more.  For many kids, this was a "a-ha" moment, realizing that not all triangles are equilateral.  

This week, we will continue our work with triangles, but also add in squares, rectangles, and 3-D shapes.  Be sure to have your child tell you about different shapes they see around your house.  Many kids in the class know their basic shapes, but there are still lots of us who need more practice with naming those shapes.

Happy shape hunting!

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