Monday, March 16, 2015

Documenting Learning in Kindergarten

I love using photography to document student learning.  During our tree unit, I've been snapping pictures every time I get the chance.  I've been taking pictures of the kids at work, observing, describing, and writing in their journals.  One of our parents made a tree for our bulletin board and I thought it would be a perfect place to share our kids' learning.

When the activity is finished, I try to have the pictures printed as quickly as possible.  Then, I ask students to tell me about the picture, describe what they see, and share any new learning.  This time for one on one conversation really helps me understand where they are in the learning process.  Some kids are full of scientific facts that they have learned, and can't wait to share!  Other kids use more descriptive language that we have been trying to incorporate into our Observe and Describe time.  

It's been a great process for the kids, as well as for me.  I enjoy hearing what they have to say!

We are really enjoying the tree unit!

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