Monday, March 16, 2015

On A Rainy Day - Mental Images

What a perfect Sunday we had yesterday!  Some of you are thinking, "Is she crazy? It rained ALL day!"  Well, it was a perfect day as long as you know what today's lesson was all about in literacy.  It was all about rain and what we do on a rainy day!

We started by reading the book A Rainy Day.  Then we talked about what Mental Images are. I asked the kids to close their eyes and visualize what the day was like yesterday.  We talked about picturing the dark sky, the rain hitting the windows, and having to stay inside because it was too wet outside to play.  They made mental images in their minds and then we talked about those images.  When we finished up, the kids were almost ready to write about their rainy days.  I pointed out that the title of the book had some words they might want to use.  I showed them that I might want to start my writing with "On a rainy day I..."  

Several of the kids noticed that they could write all of these words with ease!  The pictures, below, show the very beginning of writing time.  They all had something to say and a story to tell.  

Weather is always a fun springboard in writing!  I love to use hot sunny days, cold snowy days, blustery days, or rainy days as story starters for kids.  It is something they have experienced and know all about.  If you child is struggling to find something to write about, sometimes getting them going is as easy as looking out the window at the weather! 

Happy Writing!

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