Friday, January 27, 2017

Partner Reading

Over the past few weeks, kids have been introduced to Book Bags.  These bags contain self selected books which kids read during Independent and Partner reading times.  Three of the books can be from anywhere in the classroom, choosing from our classroom library.  Right now, the boys are loving the Lego books and everybody loves the books from the Pets bin. In addition, I ask that kids choose two "easy readers" to add to their bags.  These books contain lots of the sight words we already know and have a repetitive pattern.  Each day, kids get out their Book Bags and spend some time reading their books. 

We have had many lessons on how to read books throughout the school year.  Kids know they can read a book by actually reading the words, use the pictures to tell the story, or retell the book from memory.  Now that we've had the chance to explore these types of reading on our own, kids have been introduced to partner reading.  They sit shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee and take turns reading their books to each other. Kids are encouraged to help each other out and also be attentive listeners.  

I'm sure many of you have nightly story times at home.  This week, ask your child to try to read the book to you.  They may not be able to read all of the words, but they can certainly tell you the story in the book!

Happy reading!

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